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Psssht, still on hiatus!

Rabbiata got me on this after I reminded her of the fact that she got tagged... Oh well! :P

1. Post 8 facts about your character.
2. Tag 8 other characters.
3. Post their names along with their creators' Avatars.

:iconrabbiata: wanted to know about my character Kuroi:

Rainbow Magic by Kuroi-Hitsuji

1. She's the official heir of the Southern Lionsheep tribe but abandoned this position. (Her little brother is in charge.)
2. She can transform into a wolf thanks to a magical necklace. (Which also allows her to take form of a dolphin or buzzard.)
3. Loki is her mate. They have several kids.
4. Her fur color changed a few times when she was created. First it was beige, then brown and I sticked with a darker orange.
5. For a short time she's able to use a powerful rainbow magic.
6. She was very timid when she was younger but grew into a confident person. Unfortunately she also turned a little bit bitter, though.
7. She can't swim.
8. Spring and Fall are her favorite seasons.

:iconinnocentiasanguinis: wanted to know about my character Kugelblitz:

(on the left)

1. I created him shortly after his brother "Eisschauer". Both have pretty serious health problems. His brother has extremely weak bones and Kugelblitz has a heart defect & circulatory trouble.
2. He is very close with his brother and loves hunting for him as he can't really do much on his own.
3. As he seems to be always in a bad mood, his brother tries to cheer him up with fantastic stories about adventures and heroes. He really enjoys listening to them.
4. He got some trust issues - maybe because his father is a huge asshole.
5. Ironically enough, he is very afraid of dying but tries to hide this fact as best as possible.
6. He likes feeling the wind in his fur when he's running through the night - but can only do that for a short amount of time before he's out of breath.
7. Hardly remembers his mother's face as she left the pack early after his birth.
8. I think I created him at school when I was around 15 and feeling pretty miserable. He's still one of my most beloved characters. Although I never drew too much of him.

So now it's my time to tag people!

:iconrabbiata: - Voitto (right back at you!)
:iconcianiati: - Vérité
:iconmuukster: - Pilli
:iconrhass: - Heledir
:iconsheltiewolf: - Takeru
:iconpharaonenfuchs: - Ikarus
:iconinnocentiasanguinis: - Aruki
:icongoatslice: - Dublin

I don't even know if half of these people are still active here *wheeze*


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Name: Franziska
D.o.B: July 29th
Current Age: 25
Occupation: Parcel loser
Current Residence: Germany, Bavaria

Passionate Anime & Manga fan who invests pretty much all of her money in books, DVDs and videogames. Sadly there is not much money or time left for drawing but occasionally I find some time to scribble.
I am a rather quiet and timid person and for some reason unknown to me some people take to me. Apparently I am nice to talk to or something but in my opinion they are the nice people who sacrifice their time talking to me. I do like conversing sometimes, though, and try to help as good as I can. So if you want to talk to me... just do it. I don't bite. No, really. (Just need to warn you that I can be really talkative when I'm with good friends or with the right topic.)
My drawing skills are rather poor and I didn't have much time to practice lately but I intend to get into it again some day. I also hope I can learn to handle digital art some day but I'm no good with tablets and PhotoShop rather confuses me. Yes...

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